Lesbian Event in Japan / 日本のビアンイベント

Lesbian "women only"  Event in Japan

”Women Only Night Event” is held every weekend in Tokyo. Once a month in Osaka. Irregular though other cities also have such an event. You can enjoy dancers' show, a drag show, other performance! Contents depends on an event, please go to one of them at least once and you will find your favorite event! 




Event(イベント) Panache(パナシェ)
Location(会場) Kubukicho Decabar Z (歌舞伎町デカバーZ)
Date(日程) Every 1st Saturday
Web Site(ウェブサイト) https://t.co/DcOklHIU7y
Twitter(ツイッター) https://twitter.com/Grand_Panache

■Diamond Cutter(ダイヤモンドカッター)

Event(イベント) Diamond Cutter(ダイヤモンドカッター)
Location(会場) AiSOTOPE LOUNGE (アイソトープラウンジ)
Date(日程) Every 2nd Saturday
Web Site(ウェブサイト) http://www.diamondcutter.jp/
Twitter(ツイッター) https://twitter.com/diamondcutter

The event has a unique theme every month, such as "medical cosplay", "anime cosplay" etc. There are 2 DJ booths, one is on a main floor, another is on a sub floor which played "JPOP", "Anime Songs" etc.

■Gold Finger(ゴールドフィンガー)

Event(イベント) Gold Finger(ゴールドフィンガー)
Location(会場) AiSOTOPE LOUNGE (アイソトープラウンジ)
Date(日程) Every 3rd Saturday
Web Site(ウェブサイト) https://www.goldfingerparty.com/
Twitter(ツイッター) https://twitter.com/motelgf

One of the international and long run events in Tokyo.


Event(イベント) TIPSY(ティプシー)
Location(会場) Club Asia(クラブアジア)
Date(日程) March 28th(Sat) (Irregular)
3/28 (不定期開催)
Web Site(ウェブサイト) https://t.co/DcOklHIU7y
Twitter(ツイッター) https://twitter.com/TIPSY_Girls

The event is mainly for young women around 20's, lively and fun. 5 tipping tickets for 3500yen.


■Lady Killer(レディキラー)

Event(イベント) Lady Killer(レディキラー)
Location(会場) Maharaja Shinsaibshi (マハラジャ心斎橋)
Date(日程) January 12(Sun) (1/12(日) )
Every Odd month(奇数月開催)
Web Site(ウェブサイト) https://ladykillerpro.wixsite.com/ladykiller
Twitter(ツイッター) https://twitter.com/LADYKILLER_jp

3000yen for enty and 1 drink. The event is one of the biggest events in Osaka/Kansai. 700+ women come at the night! Not only go-go-dancers, but drag show and performers as well dance and perform there. 5 Tippings for ¥1,000.


Event(イベント) Salt(ソルト)
Location(会場) Banana Hall(バナナホール)
Date(日程)  February 22nd(Sat)(2/22(土) )
Every Even month Saturday
Web Site(ウェブサイト) https://saltparty2016.com/
Twitter(ツイッター) https://twitter.com/saltparty2016

They have "touch me", "hug me", "kiss me" stickers. 2 tipping tickets for 1000yen.


Event(イベント) 【Hikokuminteki】(【非国民的】)
Location(会場) Bar TK(バーTK)
Date(日程)  January 31st(Fri)(1/31(金) )
Every month Last Friday
Web Site(ウェブサイト) https://unxxxpatriotic.wixsite.com/index
Twitter(ツイッター) https://twitter.com/insomania_blue

1000yen with 1 drink. Better reserve in advance. 18+ years old. ID female only. "more then meetup, less than night club event"

■Secret Party(シークレットパーティー)

Event(イベント) Secret Party(シークレットパーティー)
Location(会場) Ambar(アンバー)
Date(日程) Irregular
Web Site(ウェブサイト) https://profile.ameba.jp/ameba/secretparty-girls-event
Twitter(ツイッター) https://twitter.com/secretpartyM

The event organized with a bar Motto. Small and elegant venue.


Event(イベント) TIPSY(ティプシー)
Location(会場) Joule(ジュール)
Date(日程) March 14th (Irregular)
3/14 (不定期開催)
Web Site(ウェブサイト) https://t.co/DcOklHIU7y
Twitter(ツイッター) https://twitter.com/TIPSY_Girls

Most of participants are 20's, young, wild and lively. They sell snacks, yakisoba, sausage on the roof top. 5 tipping ticket for ¥3,500.

■Garu Para EX(ガルパラEX)

Event(イベント)Garu Para EX(ガルパラEX)
Location(会場)Explosion (エクスプロージョン)
Date(日程)December 30th(Sat) (12/30(土) )
Web Site(ウェブサイト)https://ladykillerpro.wixsite.com/ladykiller

The event is organized by Lady Killer, although the venue is a bit smaller and cozy. 5 tipping tickets for 1,000yen.


■Lady Eden(レディーエデン)

Event(イベント) Lady Eden(レディエデン)
Location(会場) Club Squall
Date(日程) Irregular
Web Site(ウェブサイト) https://www.lady-eden.com/
Twitter(ツイッター) https://twitter.com/_LADYEDEN_

■Guess What?(ゲスワット)

Event(イベント) Guess What?(ゲスワット)
Location(会場) Flex Lounge, Nagoya(フレックスラウンジ,名古屋)
Date(日程) March 28th (Sat)
3/28 (土)
Web Site(ウェブサイト) https://www.instagram.com/guess_what_ngy/
Twitter(ツイッター) https://twitter.com/guess_what_NGY

■LOVE ∞ TRACK(ラブトラック)

Event(イベント) LOVE ∞ TRACK(ラブトラ)
Location(会場) Tightrope, Nagoya(タイトロープ,名古屋)
Date(日程) January 11th(sat) (1/11(土))
Web Site(ウェブサイト) http://lovetrack.her.jp/top.html
Twitter(ツイッター) https://twitter.com/LOVE_TRACK052



Event(イベント) LIAR(ライヤー)
Location(会場) Okayama(岡山)
Date(日程) Irregular
Web Site(ウェブサイト) https://sites.google.com/site/liarokayama/
Twitter(ツイッター) https://twitter.com/LiarOkayama

One and only women night in Chugoku/Shikoku area. The organizer now lives in Osaka, although she will hold an event in Okayama twice a year. Dancing Soran bushi with everyone is a tradition and so much fun!



Web Site(ウェブサイト)https://t.co/DcOklHIU7y

The event is mainly for young women around 20's, lively and fun.



Event(イベント) Fabulous(ファビュラス)
Location(会場) Sakurazaka LUV!, Naha(桜坂LUV!/サクラザカラヴ,那覇)
Web Site(ウェブサイト) https://fabulousinokinawa.ti-da.net/
Twitter(ツイッター) https://twitter.com/ui_Fabulous